2019 NEW 16PCS 3.2V 150Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell lifepo4 battery
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2019 NEW 16PCS 3.2V 150Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell lifepo4 battery


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    Model Number: lifepo4-150ah
    Nominal Capacity: >150ah
    Type: lifepo4
    Size: Prismatic
    Voltage: 3.2V

    16Pcs 3.2V 150Ah Lifepo4 Battery

    Date of production: August 2019 Include Screw and BusBars 8pcs 3.2V150Ah Lithium iron phosphate cell Long Life Cycles 4000 Times For 12V 24V Solar Energy Storage Solar power system UPS supply Engine starting battery, electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter, golf trolley/carts, power tools...Solar and wind power system, RV, caravan...


    Engine starting battery, electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter, golf trolley/carts, power tools... Solar and wind power system, RV, caravan... Back-up system and UPS... Torch LED light emergency light.

    Product Specification

    Product Name: Lithium iron phosphate cell

    Shell Material:Aluminium

    Rated capacity:150Ah

    Minimum capacity:150Ah

    Internal impedance:0.2~0.3mΩ

    Nominal voltage:3.2V



    Recommend Constant Current:150A(1C)

    End-of-Discharge Voltage:2.5V

    Recommend  Constant Current:75A(0.5C)

    Charge Voltage:3.65V

    Maximum Pulse Discharging Current:228A(3min)

    Maximum Pulse Discharging Current:300A(30S)

    Charge Voltage:3.65V

    Max Continuous Discharge Current:150A(1C)

    Cycle life (80%DOD):4000 cycles

    Charging Temperature:-5~60°C

    Discharging Temperature:-30~60°C

    No matter what the charging model is, once the temperature of the cell is above the absolute charging temperature, charging should be stopped. Customers should configure a BMS which is used for strictly monitoring, management and protection. Properly connect the terminals of positive and negative of the batteries. The reversal charging is forbidden. If the polarity is reversed, the battery will be damaged and safety problem may occur. If the batteries kept unused for a long time, it should be charged and discharged at the standard model every six months. Store the battery in the state of 30% SOC (voltage scope: 3.275V~3.305V).

    Appearance Without break, distortion, contamination, leakage.


    About Shipping:

    1. we usually send out battery by international commercial express, UPS ,FedEx ;but now battery belong to some dangerous goods in some countries , so we send them by special line.
    2. It takes 8-15 days by express send to destination ( not including the Lead Time ) ,if send by special line may takes more than 25 days. 
    3. Battery goods belong to sensitive items , we produce the best battery , so welcome customer come to our warehouse.

    About Customs duties & taxes:

    EU Member Countries,Custom duties and custom clearance expenses are included. Canada,United States,Russian Federation,UK,Japan Thailand,Singapore,Vietnam,Taiwan,Malaysia, Philippines.Custom duties and custom clearance expenses are included.Other countries dos not include Customs duties & taxes. If you have any questions, please contact us online.

    These situations not provide return nor refund:

    1: after the assembly or assembly process happen any problem, such as the protection board connected to the wrong wire burned lead to battery damage, charger failure, the assembly error or unbalanced assembly, etc.  
    2: For damage caused , such as battery bulge/ welded, battery pack without protection BMS caused by charging.  Tip: These products are batteries only, without protection board, you need to purchase a match one! You can check our shop and search BMS. 
    3: Courier and logistics In addition, because the battery is prohibited product, many courier and logistics are unable to send, the arrival will indeed be slower, so please wait patiently after place an order. Can Not give us bad feedback due to the courier company or because of the courier service slow or other factors.  open dispute will be unacceptable. Sorry for any inconvenience.



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