GRADE A CALB 3.2V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Cell
GRADE A CALB 3.2V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Cell
GRADE A CALB 3.2V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Cell
GRADE A CALB 3.2V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Cell
GRADE A CALB 3.2V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Cell
GRADE A CALB 3.2V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Cell

GRADE A CALB 3.2V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Cell


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    Product Specification

    • Shell Material:Plastic Rated
    • capacity:200Ah
    • Minimum capacity:208Ah
    • Internal impedance:0.2~0.3mΩ
    • Nominal voltage:3.2V
    • Dimensions(L*W*H):183*72*280mm
    • Weight:5.6±0.10kg
    • Recommend Constant Current:200A(1C)
    • End-of-Discharge Voltage:2.5V
    • Recommend  Constant Current:100A(0.5C)
    • Charge Voltage:3.65V
    • Maximum Pulse Discharging Current:400A(3min)
    • Maximum Pulse Discharging Current:600A(30S)
    • Charge Voltage:3.65V
    • Max Continuous Discharge Current:200A(1C)
    • Cycle life (80%DOD):4000 cycles
    • Charging Temperature:-5~60°C
    • Discharging Temperature:-30~60°C

    No matter what the charging model is, once the temperature of the cell is above the absolute charging temperature, charging should be stopped.

    Customers should configure a BMS which is used for strictly monitoring, management and protection.

    Properly connect the terminals of positive and negative of the batteries. The reversal charging is forbidden. If the polarity is reversed, the battery will be damaged and safety problem may occur.

    If the batteries kept unused for a long time, it should be charged and discharged at the standard model every six months. Store the battery in the state of 30% SOC (voltage scope: 3.275V~3.305V).

    Appearance Without break, distortion, contamination, leakage.

    About Shipping:

    1. we usually send out battery by international commercial express, UPS ,FedEx ;but now battery belong to some dangerous goods in some countries , so we send them by special line.

    2. It takes 8-15 days by express send to destination ( not including the Lead Time ) ,if send by special line may takes more than 25 days. 

    3. Battery goods belong to sensitive items , we produce the best battery , so welcome customer come to our warehouse.

    Before taking the order:

    Please read carefully all the description before taking orders, the battery is suitable for DIY lovers with experience, people who are not familiar with electronic, please go to our shop to buy the finished product. Those buyers who buy this battery, must agree that you are familiar with the safe use of lithium battery knowledge. 


    DIY battery pack must get the cells balanced (same voltage ) before assembly. Later if there happens don't know how to assembled or unbalanced assembly is not accepted refund. please consider before taking orders, place order means you have agreed. thank you for your cooperation!

    DIY assembled battery note:

    Professionals will detected voltage/resistance/appearance and other issues before every shipment, we can only ensure that the single battery is good, when arrival you can test the cells within 2-3 days, after that means batteries have no problem, does not provide return nor refund. If you found problems you can contact us for return or refund. Battery can only be unused (the electrode intact, no welding, no wear, the appearance good) to provide return. Any return behavior buyers need to be responsible for shipping fee.