YINLONG 2.3V 45Ah 66160 LTO Lithium Titanate Battery
YINLONG 2.3V 45Ah 66160 LTO Lithium Titanate Battery
YINLONG 2.3V 45Ah 66160 LTO Lithium Titanate Battery
YINLONG 2.3V 45Ah 66160 LTO Lithium Titanate Battery

YINLONG 2.3V 45Ah 66160 LTO Lithium Titanate Battery


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    2.3v 30ah LTO Battery for E-bike Automobiles Buses Railroad Cars

    Descriptions :
    • Voltage: 2.3V
    • Real capacity:45AH
    • Recommended charging voltage: 2.90V
    • Recommended discharge protection voltage: 1.50V 
    • Continuous discharge current: 270A (6C)
    • Maximum discharge current: 675A (15C)
    • Weight: about 1.26KG
    • Size (mm): 66 (diameter) x160 (length pole include)
    • Cycle life: up to 100,000times
    Characteristics of lithium titanate batteries:
    • High power charge and discharge capability: fast charge only takes 6 minutes.
    • Very long cycle life: 10 times as many as traditional lithium ion batteries.
    • Low temperature charging and discharging performance is excellent: low temperature, -30 temperature, good condition.
    • Good safety performance. The lithium titanate negative electrode has almost no SEI film, thus avoiding overheating of the battery and causing a fire.
    • Positive pole: lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate or three yuan material, nickel lithium manganate.
    • Negative pole: lithium titanate material.
    • Diaphragm: a lithium battery separator that uses carbon as a negative electrode.
    • Electrolyte: a lithium battery electrolyte with carbon as negative electrode.
    • Battery shell: a lithium battery shell with carbon as negative electrode.
    Advantages of lithium titanate battery:
    Using electric vehicles to replace the fuel vehicle is the best choice to solve the environmental pollution in the city, including lithium ion batteries have attracted widespread attention of researchers. In order to meet the requirements of on-board lithium-ion power battery for electric vehicle development, high safety, good rate capability and long service life of anode materials is the hot spot and the difficulty.

      LTO Advantages

      LTO material has higher electric potential with lithium metal,avoiding lithium dendrite during the process of battery overcharging,and has better safety and stability.Meanwhile,it has three-dimensional lithium-ion transmission channel,which can charge and discharge at high rate;full charging and sicharging from extremely low temperature-50°C to ultra-high temperature 60°C can be realized.

      High Security

      Results show that:The LTO titanium batteries don't occur fire or explosion after penetration,electric drill,cutting and other tests. (Remark:This is a professional test.Never imitate !

      Excellent performance

      1.Fast Charge/discharge in 6 minutes(Ref.) and standard Charge: 10 minutes(Ref.) 2.Wide temperature range:-50℃~60℃ 3.Long cycle life:25000-30000 times